About Webb

WEBB is the manufacturer of toroidal power transformer

WEBB ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. was set up in Taichung City in Taiwan, 1996. WEBB provides customized transformers and manufacturing service. We constructively throw into research and development, and apply for various certifications; thus, WEBB has many transformer patents and ISO certifications, which makes us become the leader of transformer manufacturing in Taiwan. Moreover, we established a branch in Guangzhou in China, 2002, in order to expand our productivity and satisfy worldwide customers.

Manufacturing Specialist


WEBB is customizing transformer design and manufacturing specialist

WEBB produces the following items, including toroidal power transformers, control transformers, isolation transformers, high efficiency autotransformers, audio-frequency transformers, EI core transformers, CT (current sense transformers), high frequency transformers, inductor and chokes, C core transformers, three-phase transformers, and so on. Meanwhile, in response to customers’ industrial pattern, we provide some solutions, such as small-volume production of a wide range of different items, customizing, and manufacturing, for satisfying different customers’ needs.

WEBB industry service and various customers

WEBB has founded more than 20 years, and many international famous brands trust and adopt our techniques, which means we have different industrial customers all over. Take the toroidal power transformer for example, the application includes medical instruments, mechanical equipment industry, audio industry, intrusion system, elevator equipment, fire system, supply equipment, UPS (Uninterruptable Power System), charging equipment, and automatic control equipment.

Best Service

Factory area

Taiwan region

Taiwan factory was set up in 1996, located at Wuqi District in Taichung. Taiwan factory is mainly based on design, high-end products manufacturing, and international marketing.

China region

China factory was set up in 2002, located at Huadu District in Guangzhou. China factory is mainly based on manufacturing products and marketing in China.