Our products, such as EI core transformers, CT (current sense transformers), high frequency transformers, inductor and chokes, C core transformers and 3-phase transformers.

These products can be used in the following fields. Hi Fi and Hi End stereo equipment, DJ stage audio amplifier, karaoke, broadcasting equipment, testing equipment (i.e. instruments), Uninterruptable Power System (UPS), computer peripherals, automatic control system, industrial machine equipment, telecommunications equipment.

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Toroidal power transformer

Toroidal power transformer

Introduction of Toroidal power transformer

Toroidal power transformers are called “Hou-niu” or “Huan-niu” in China.

Toroidal power transformers are the low frequency transformer with high efficiency. Their function provides the equipment and electronic circuit with electric power, and provides to step-up and step-down voltage in the fixed supply frequency. Toroidal power transformers can also eliminate the unstable high frequency noise in electric power. By doing this, the equipment can be used steadily and normally.