Toroid Isolation Transformers in the Medical Field

In the hospital, there are many precise and sensitive equipment that uses electricity to operate, most of them are in direct contact with patients and doctors. They are used to heal patients, diagnose or operate surgery. Electric interrupts and surges might cause equipment to malfunction, explode, affect treatment performance, make people burn, or even death. And the electromagnetic field of one machine may affect others. It is critical to keep electricity stable and safe, especially in the medical field. Because it is about personal safety, this industry has high-quality and strict standards required. As an outstanding transformer manufacturer for more than 25 years in Taiwan, WEBB suggests the best way is to isolate the load and power supply, using the toroid isolation transformer.


There are many kinds of the transformer, why are toroid isolation transformers fit for medical use? What are they? What are their applications in the medical industry?


What is an Isolation Transformer?

A toroid isolation transformer is a kind of isolation transformer. Let us briefly learn its main definition of isolation transformer before toroid ones.
The isolation transformer also called an insulating transformer, has 2 separate windings to separate the current for safety reasons. It prevents people and precision equipment from electric shock or burn.


There are many types of isolation transformers. It is commonly used in sensitive machines that need to keep high stability, such as hospitals, labs, telecommunication, power supply industry…etc. The isolation transformer can be toroid, which we are talking about today.


What is a Toroid Isolation Transformer? Why is it Suitable for Medical Equipment?

A toroid transformer, as its name suggests, it has a torus core. The primary and secondary windings are encircled through the torus core. Since the core is round with a hole in the middle, its coils are shorter, losses are lower, and efficiency is higher. Its size and weight are also smaller. Its closed round structure easily makes the electricity generates a loop between coils and reduces the flux leakage, noise disturbance, and EMI. Keep the equipment working steadily and safely. The toroid medical grade isolation transformer is particularly made to isolate patients and operators from electricity for safety, it meets the high standard and requirements of medical uses. Therefore, the toroid isolation transformer is the preferred choice for the medical industry.


In addition, it is suggested to choose a high-quality and meet-standard toroid transformer produced by a reliable manufacturer like WEBB, which conforms to UL, CE, and TUV safety standards, and the materials also conform to RoHS standards and UL certification.


▲Different sizes of toroid transformers made by WEBB. WEBB takes custom requirements.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Toroid Transformers


  • High efficiency in transforming electric power
  • Low temperature
  • Small size, lightweight: easy to install, suitable for small or movable medical devices.
  • Flexible structure
  • Low magnetic leakage, low noise
  • Complete external insulation


  • Cost is higher due to the complex technique to wound windings around the core.
  • Not suitable for multi-phase appliance


Medical Application

  • Electrosurgical instruments
  • Ultra-sound system
  • X-Ray system
  • Electrocardiography system
  • Electric assistive device: electric wheel chair, electric bed, etc.
  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Diagnosis system, monitors, measurer and sensor
  • Infusion Pumps
    ….and so much more precision medical equipment use toroid medical grade isolation transformer! It is also commonly used in other industries such as marine and audio industry.



Today, we have learned the basic knowledge of toroid transformers. Taken together, toroid transformers are widely used in medical precision equipment due to their anti-disturbance and flexibility. Especially with Covid-19, the need for medical equipment is enormous. In medical equipment, it plays a critical role.


Established in 1996, WEBB is the expert providing reliable solutions and high-quality products; if you require more information about toroid transformers or need a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.