Toroidal power transformer

Introduction of Toroidal power transformer

Toroidal power transformers are called “Hou-niu” or “Huan-niu” in China.

Toroidal power transformers are the low frequency transformer with high efficiency. Their function provides the equipment and electronic circuit with electric power, and provides to step-up and step-down voltage in the fixed supply frequency. Toroidal power transformers can also eliminate the unstable high frequency noise in electric power. By doing this, the equipment can be used steadily and normally.

Toroidal power transformers belong to core type transformers, and their physical features, comparing with EI transformers, have many advantages.

  • 1.High efficiency in transforming electric power:

    When Toroidal power transformers are no load, they close to room temperature and without overheating. However, the temperature of EI transformers is up to 40-55 degree Celsius in no load condition, meaning that its electric power is consuming. When it is full load, the efficiency of toroidal power transformer can easily reach 85 percent, but EI only maintains 65-75 percent. High temperature of transformers will affect the safety of electric and parts’ service life. Therefore, more and more companies choose toroidal power transformers as their preference.

  • 2.Small volume, light weight, easy to install:

    Toroidal power transformers are 40% smaller and lighter than EI transformers, meaning that customers can save their space in their equipments; also, customers can lower the thickness of sheet metal of the fixed transformers, which can decrease the transportation cost. The toroidal power transformer only needs a set screw in the middle to install. Because of the flexibility, simpleness, and quickness, the toroidal power transformer can be placed horizontally or vertically based on the installing space.

  • 3.Flexible structure:

    Toroidal power transformers can be customized based on the installing space; especially, they can be installed in the height limit 1U (44mm).

  • 4.Low magnetic leakage, low noise:

    The iron core of toroidal power transformers does not have air gap, so the structure is low magnetic leakage, low electromagnetic radiation, and low vibrating sound. Toroidal power transformers can be used on highly sensitive equipment, such as audio and medical equipment.

  • 5.Totally external insulation:

    The outer material is Mylar. In the test of Mylar, one square meter of Mylar (the thickness is 0.075mm) can bear 8KV and won’t be impaled. When we make the transformers, we carefully wrap the copper wire and iron core with the insulation material, Mylar, and ensure the transformers’ appearance is safely insulated.

Application Field of Toroidal Power Transformers

Toroidal power transformers can be used in the following fields. Hi Fi and Hi End stereo equipment, DJ stage audio amplifier, karaoke, broadcasting equipment, testing equipment (i.e. instruments), Uninterruptable Power System (UPS), computer peripherals, automatic control system, industrial machine equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, lighting equipment, wind energy system, charger, security system equipment, fire alarm system, Smoke Ventilation Window system, Linear Actuators equipment, overhead door and Garage Door equipment.

We have many years in ODM and OEM, and a typical specification is as followings:

300VA110*70900VA158*78P.S: Providing customize and produce services.

Single phase isolation Transformers capacity from 30VA to 5KVA, and single phase autotransformer capacity from 50VA to 7.5KVA can be customized, like isolating transformer, auto transformer, supply transformer, output transformer, audio transformer, control transformer, set-up transformer, set-down transformer, three-phase transformer, and so on. The design specification conforms to UL, CE, and TUV safety standards, and the materials, also conform to RoHS standard and UL certification.